Rainbow Fan *Fail*

I came across this cool picture on Pinterest awhile back, about painting your fan blades the 3 primary colors (blue, red & yellow) so that it makes a rainbow when the fan is in use. I decided this would be a fun and simple project and my fan needed cleaned out anyway...so I got to work. First I had to find a screwdriver long enough to fit down in the fan screw holes, then the project truly began ;)

I cleaned the dust from my fan by using rubbing alcohol and a ton of paper towels. What felt like took forever, got me thinking I should see if there's an easier way to do this. So I found that you can clean the dust from a fan using dryer sheets! And that the dust should just rub right off. So I tried this on the remaining dust debris and it seemed to work really well! The dryer cleaned up a pretty good amount of dust and was a big help at getting into the small crevices.

  Once the fan was cleaned up and dried, I began painting. For some reason I decided to use finger paints for the blue and yellow...only to find that once it dried and the fan was on...it all blew away. LOL. All but the red. For the red, I used Fabric Paint, which turned out to be ideal. It held great. I then chiseled away the remaining blue and yellow finger paint, and repainted with blue and yellow fabric paint. I couldn't wait for it to dry so I could try it out!! I put about two or three coats of paint and it dried fairly quick..I put the fan back together and plugged that bad boy in. I turned the fan on high and....it... did....nothing. There was no rainbow. Just an ordinary fan with an ordinary color. I tried the fan on low...still..nothing. It wasn't until I turned the fan completely OFF and the blades were slowing down..that I saw a slight "Rainbow"...if you could even call it that.

   Oh well, at least the fan brings bright cheerful colors to my living room when it's off! :)


  1. I have the same problem :( my fan makes brown lol Your right though, it does brighten the room when it's off :)

  2. I too tried this "rainbow fan" only to have it fail. I am disappointed that someone would put this beautiful idea on here...........without trying it first or knowing it didn't work and did it anyway,.


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