My Son's 6th Birthday

 June 9th, my son turned 6!! I still can't believe he's already 6 years old... 

 On the 7th, we had a surprise family BBQ for him at his grandma's so he thought his birthday celebrations were over.

Me and daddy had a whole day of fun planned for his actual birthday day.

It began with him opening up his bedroom door to a fun streamer balloon surprise. And welcomed to a delicious breakfast of Monkey Bread, Bacon, Eggs, and Apple Slices.

Then we took him to the book store and let him pick out a book. Next on the list was Toys R Us to get his birthday goodies. A balloon and a crown, and we let him use his $3 off coupon he received in the mail with a card from Toys R Us. He ended up getting a Ninjago Lego set :) Next we went to the pet store to see the pets and waste time until lunch. After that, we went to Wayback Burgers for lunch! My son loves hamburgers. Then we went to Chuck E. Cheese!! His favorite place to be. We used a 10 token reward calendar printout plus we got 20 free tickets and only spent $10 on tokens and had hours of fun. Lil man cashed in his tickets for a squishy dinosaur, a mini slinky, and 3 eraser sticks.

Then we went out for Ice Cream at Baskin Robbins and got to use his freebie ice cream coupon. He ordered Cookie Dough Ice Cream on a waffle cone. After we filled up on ice cream, we went to the grocery store and let him pick out anything he wanted for dinner that night. He chose a pizza lunchable. When we came home, it was about 4:30pm, we went ahead and had him take his nightly shower and acted as if his Birthday day was over...but while he was showering, me and daddy quickly set up the living room. We brought both our mattresses out and laid them on the floor, set up with blankets and pillows to have a campout. We laid his presents on his bed and had balloons and streamers everywhere. When he came out of the shower he was sure surprised! lol. He had a ton of fun and LOVED the campout. Him and daddy fell asleep around 1 in the morning!!! I fell asleep way before then...hehe. It was a great day and a wonderful birthday. Lil man says "this is the best birthday ever!" A great day for a great boy.

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