My Son's Kindergarten Graduation!

  Today, June 4th, my son graduated from Kindergarten!! It wasn't that long ago that I had butterflies about taking him to school for the first time ever...But now he's going to be a 1st grader!! ...When did we get here? He is growing up so fast.

   When he woke up this morning, I made him crepes for breakfast and he came to the surprised "set up" at the dining table. A great start to his day :) I had him fill out his own Graduation Day paper (printed from snackpicks), answering question like what his favorite food is, or color. It will be fun to look back on it when he's graduating from High School! And! But no rush please. :) The graduation ceremony was cute and sweet. Then we came home to an ice cream celebration! Cookies & Cream Ice Cream on cones, with sprinkles! 

   So why is it that when you have kids, time flies so much faster? Is it because life then just becomes so much more meaningful? I think that just might be why :) Life without my lil man just wouldn't be as fun. I look forward to the many years with him and see the new things he learns and accomplishes!

I am truly blessed.

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