National Iced Tea Day!

So here's another fun holiday that I actually didn't even know about until today!

Every year on June 10th, it's National Iced Tea Day!

Here's some adorable idea's revolving around Tea, that would make today fun!

Over at KOJODESIGNS, they made a fun Tea Wreath that I need to make for my kitchen!

And super cute Tea Bag Cookies from PARTY FROSTING!

 You could also make yummy edible tea cups, from Disney Family, with your youngins! :) So sweet!

Also a great idea from Swap-Bot, to recycle all those Tea Bag Wrappers! I'd imagine you could decoupage a lot of items with those wrappers!

                                    I'm also loving the Tea Cup jewelry you can find on Etsy!


There are so many different and fun options to make National Iced Tea Day fun! 

Enjoy today!

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