Penny Watered Flowers

Have you ever read about how a penny can make your flowers last longer? I was always skeptical about this but wanted to try it for proof...So about 2 weeks ago, my son picked me a small bouquet of daisies from the front yard and I placed them in a little vase with water and dropped in a penny. Usually these wild home picked flowers die withing a day or two! I just took this picture yesterday and these flowers are doing great! Some are just now starting to have slightly withered petals, but as you can see, they still look great! Especially for being through hot weather (our apartment reached a max of 88 degrees over the past few days) and dealing with wind from the fans blowing...these flowers are doing amazing! The penny works wonders. The reason is, the copper in it works as an acidifier, which prevents the growth of bacteria. How cool is that?

Must be why the penny looks a bit fuzzy lol.

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