The Husbandly Dishes

When my husband makes dinner, he makes a mess lol. His motto is "If you didn't make a mess, your food isn't good enough" for him anyways :) When he cooks, he really cooks. It's one of his passions and he's good. So I expect his mess to mean that's how much work he put in to his cooking. Now me on the other hand...I clean my messes up as I go...Buuuuut.....

He had a sink full of dishes he forgot to wash. I left them figuring I'd wash them in the morning if he didn't get to it. And low and behold, he forgot. Now I hate washing dishes. It's my least favorite chore so when I woke up to find the sink full...I was mad.

But once I looked closer, I found this sweet note from him: 

And my heart melted. It's really the little things that mean the most. 
And in the end, I ended up washing them anyway ;) 
(maybe that was really his ploy all along haha)

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