Pizza Pasta with Hotdogs!

I came across this idea one day when I forgot to pull out meat to defrost, for dinner. We needed a nice meal and all I had meat-wise that was ready to use, were lunch meat and hotdogs. We only buy Beef hotdogs so I figured they would work good in a pasta dish! I began by cutting up hotdogs and onions into little pieces and sauteing them in Plum Sauce. The first time I made this, I used minced garlic instead of the onions and that was even better, but this time around I only had an onion and it came out just fine.
While these sauteed together and the hotdogs started to brown, I boiled veggie pasta noodles in salted water. Once cooked through, I drained and added butter, garlic powder, Cajun and a little bit of pepper. Then mixed in the meat/onion mix and added Bacon & Provolone Sauce. Stirred it all together and added a bit of shredded cheese throughout. Quick, Easy and Tasty dinner!

                    Sided with buttered toast and peas.

Always a great meal for National Hotdog Day

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