Old Navy Gift Card!

Through Crowdtap, I won the Crowd Drawing for July and won a $10 Gift card to Old Navy!!

There's not a whole lot you can buy from there, with just $10...maybe a pair of flip flops, baby socks, or a zebra scarf... Because the shipping and handling for Old Navy is $7...that's quite a bit for s&h! So if I didn't want to spend cash out of my own pocket, and only wanted to use the $10 gift card, I had to find something $3 or less. Yes, I could have went to the actual Old Navy store that's local here, and I could have used the entire $10 on my order... but I decided to go the online route. 
And that's when I found this!

A V-neck Layering Cami in the color "Beach Cruising Green" cute right? I'm not sure if I like the color yet, but I don't own anything this color so I figured it was worth a shot! And it will look great in layers. It's comfortable and super soft. Also tag-free so even better!

Thank you Crowdtap!

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