BBQ Ranch Chicken Quesadilla's

You ever have those kind of nights where you just don't know what to cook so you end up mixing a bunch of stuff together in hopes of it being tasty? I do that on occasion, and recently found that Sweet Baby Ray's Hickory & Brown Sugar BBQ sauce mixed with Hidden Valley Spicy Ranch Dressing make a delicious marinade for chicken!

I made this the other night and it turned out really good. I began by cutting up some chicken breast into smaller strips, and let this mixture marinate my chicken for a few hours. Then I cooked the chicken in its marinade, seasoned with some Cajun and Black Pepper. It smelled so good while cooking, and came out tasting soooo soo good! I used the cooked chicken for "oven quesadilla's" by laying them on tortillas, and sprinkled Pepper Jack Cheese and red, orange and yellow sliced peppers, across the chicken. Then I topped with another tortilla, spraying it all with
PAM Butter spray and baking til browned.
Amazingly good! You should try it :)

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