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Play Kenya is a UK based charity, registered to help children in Kenya, deal with trauma and loss they experience in their lives. This charity has a few projects they've been running, but one in particular I want to cover: Rafiki Mwema.


Rafiki Mwema, meaning "loyal friend",
started as a therapeutic safe house, made to support the needs of young girls who have been sexually abused. There are many girls under the age of 12, that have experienced terribly awful things, with no special care or support in recovering. Since Rafiki Mwema started, these girls can now have a place to go, to receive any medical treatment they might need, and get the support they need to go through the court system, and when possible,
work towards their safe return home.

It currently cost $5,000 American US Dollars per month, to run Rafiki Mwema, with the capacity to hold 25 girls with 4 sponsors each. Each sponsor donates $50 AUD monthly, so a total of $200 goes to each girl. Or one sponsor can choose to provide everything for one girl, at $200 a month. This is more expensive then you usually see for a monthly charity, but Rafiki Mwema does not receive any money from the government or other large organizations so they rely solely on individual donations. And since they have no overhead or administration costs, the sponsorship goes 100% to the child's needs. 

This includes:
"-The first and of utmost importance to these girls is a loving home environment with caring staff that provide a high standard of therapeutic care.
Including individual key workers for each child.
-Participation in attachment play programs to assist with overcoming their emotional trauma
-Attendance at School with therapeutically trained teachers
-Specialized education around sexual abuse
-Integration back to their families and communities
-Education for staff in the schools about supporting sexually abused girls
-Legal and emotional support through court processes
-Regular and ongoing monitoring when in the community to ensure safety
-Three nourishing meals a day
-Clothing and essential necessities
-Specialised and ongoing health care
-Excursions into the local community to ensure the girls are integrated back into their own culture"

(If you would like to be a sponsor, please click here)

I know some charities, we tend to be hesitant about because people can greedy and take the money for themselves, but Rafiki Mwema commits to being transparent in where their funds go,  with Castle Design covering all their administration costs, and all the board members working for free.

This is a great charity to share with. I know money can be tight, and $50 a month isn't for everybody. So if you would like to help, please spread the word! 
Also, Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim had a great idea to start sending these lil girls 'Letters for my Rafiki', meaning letters for my friend... The girls would love to receive letters, cards, pictures, stickers, ect. (It must be general -flat- mail) to brighten their day! Anyone can do this! 
(and tag your photo with #lettersformyrafiki if you do!)

Address the letters to:

Rafiki Mwema
P.O. Box 4298
Nakuru, Kenya
East Africa

My son made a little book for the girls, about being happy :) 
And we sent some stickers for them to share as well.
Everyday he asks, "do you think they got it yet??" We can just imagine the smiles on their face...

For more information, visit rafikimwema.com
you can also find them on Facebook.

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