Getting a 2nd Use Out of Pajamas-From Pants to Shorts DIY

These sweet Robot pajamas are making a second appearance on my blog! 
If you remember before, I posted how my son wore holes in the knees of his pajama pants
and I had to sew little patches onto them so he could still wear them. 
As fast as kids grow, he grew out of their length now too! 
I didn't want to give them up, since they are just too adorable, so...I cut and sewed them in to pajama shorts! This was pretty simple, I just cut the bottom ankle ribbing off, then cut the pants just above where the knee patches were. I then sewed the ankle pieces on, all by hand since I do not have a sewing machine at the moment, but this was still pretty simple. And they're done! 
This only took a couple of hours and the outcome is just as cute as before! 

Getting a 2nd use out of his pajamas, and they were made just in time 
for those Summer nights.

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