Cinderella's Secret Slipper - book review

Cinderella's Secret Slipper by award winning author,
Alinka Rutkowska, is a short children's story of the classic
fairy tale of Cinderella, with a modern day twist.

It begins with Cinderella and her husband, the beloved Prince,
thinking of what kind of birthday gift they will get their son, Junior,
for his 4th birthday coming in just two weeks. Years before, he got extravagant gifts like a pet dragon, and a golden crown, so they decide on giving him a proper birthday party this year. The Prince
tells Cinderella he and the servants will take care of everything, all Cinderella needs to do is dress for the occasion and wear her glass slippers she once wore when she met him. Cinderella begins preparing her wardrobe for the party, but finds one of her glass slippers are missing! She hears a smash, finding that her son used the slipper
to squish a mosquito on the wall, breaking the glass slipper into pieces.

From the Shoe Store to the Glass Repair store, Cinderella went, desperately trying to find someone to fix her glass slipper. Nobody could fix it, so she decided to go for a walk to her favorite place to relax,
the Enchanted Forest. There she began to cheer up, noticing the beautiful flowers and the birds
chirping cheerfully...she heard a voice say "You're back, my child." it was her Fairy Godmother!
The Fairy Godmother fixed Cinderella's shoes just in time for the party. And when it was time for their son to open his presents, The Prince gave Junior a special gift...a mosquito bat, so he wouldn't use his mothers shoes anymore. The Prince being the romantic he is, gave Cinderella a gift too...
inside was a new pair of glass slippers, "Just in case Junior loses his bat."

Cinderella's Secret Slipper is an adorable read with colorful and fun illustrations by Konrad Checinski. It's exciting to see another take on Cinderella, in her happily ever after life with the Prince and their growing family. It's a story little girls all over the world will love!

Alinka Rutkowska has written over 20 other children's stories and has received many awards for her work. She is the winner of the prestigious International Readers' Favorite Book Award COntest and her book series received the acclaimed Mom's Choice Award. To find more information on Alinka, 
and to see her other children's stories, visit 

You can also find Cinderella's Secret Slipper available to preorder on Amazon in the Kindle Edition.

For a Read-out-Loud version of Cinderella's Secret Slipper, watch the video below:

I was contacted by Alinka Rutkowska herself, to review her adorable children's story. No compensation has been involved. All opinions my own.

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