It's Time For A Real Toxic Chemical Reform #generationgood

Did you know that, under the current law of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can only test a small fraction of the over 85,000 chemicals around, and only 5 of those chemicals have been banned/restricted?!!? There has been a huge amount of scientific evidence linking to chemicals and disease, yet the TSCA had not even been updated since 1976. The amount of chemicals has increased since then, and so finally, the Leader of the Senate has said that the TSCA reform legislation will be considered in the next week or two.

Did you know that you can email your State Senator to let them know you would like to make a meaningful change and get those nasty toxic chemicals off store shelves?! 
Tell the Senator that reform should only go forwards!!  

Click HERE to send the Senator an email to help 
change the way chemicals are in our world.

One by one, we can make a difference!

I am a part of the Generation Good Community. I have, in no way, been paid for this post. 
Just sharing on behalf of a good heart and wanting a change for our world. 

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