Baking Cake In A Tin Can

Did you know you can bake cake in tin cans?! 
Isn't that amazing?

   It not only makes a fun cylinder shape, but it also makes 
little mini cakes that you can slice into the perfect size for parties! 
Use any size can you like, make sure you remove the label and
 clean the can really well. Then whip up any batch of cake mix 
and pour the batter into greased, floured cans. 

   Place them on a cookie sheet and bake as you would a normal 
cake! Use a toothpick to test for doneness, then allow them to cool
 before sliding the cake from the can. You may need to use a 
butter knife to release the sides easier.

Once the cakes are out and cooled off, you can slice them into mini cakes, or you can leave them as cylinders for a fun shape! 

Check out some of my delicious cake recipes below:

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