I Love Bolthouse Farms

Disclaimer: I received the following product(s) from the kindness of Bolthouse Farms heart. 
No review was required, I just want to share my love of them with you.

   I received an amazing package from Bolthouse Farms, full of their new delicious smoothies and dressings! My family and I have enjoyed trying each one of these products. Check out the flavors! For the dressings, we have: Roasted Reds, Three Herb, Lemon Basil, Sweet Heat Sriracha, and Avocado Green Goddess. Each one has all the right flavors, but my top favorite was the Roasted Reds. This dressing literally goes on everything, it's that good! 

With the Bolthouse Farms Smoothies, we received the following flavors: Strong Protein's Chocolate, Coffee, and Vanilla Chai (these 3 were my ultimate favorite) and then the Balanced Smoothies in Sweet Green, Strawberry-Banana, Berry, and Tropical. They were all really good and make an excellent breakfast drink. I would drink the Strong Protein Coffee Smoothie daily if I could haha.

What are your favorite Bolthouse Farms dressing and smoothie flavors? Are there any new flavors you would like to see?

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