7 Useful Tips To Help You Choose the Right Eyeglass Frames

When purchasing a pair of prescription eyeglasses online, it can be very difficult to find an ideal glasses frame. Although eyeglasses Try-On APP can help to easily find a glasses frame suitable for your face shape, an ideal glasses frame can still be hard to find since more factors are involved, including dimensions of the glasses frame, comfortableness, skin color, age, career and others. Please refer to the following 7 useful TIPs to locate your favorite frame style.

1. Face shape

glasses for your face shape

No matter you have an oval face, square face, round face, triangle face, diamond face or heart-shaped face? We have prepared a detailed guidance to help you enhance your appearance by finding you ideal frames, here: How to pick the right glasses for your face shape

2. Frame dimensions

glasses frame dimensions
Dimensions of the frame are labeled on legs of glasses. For example, 54¿Ú18-135 means that the lens width size is 54mm, the nose bridge size is 18mm, and length of the glasses leg is 135mm.

1) Specifications of glasses legs are more important, since incorrect sizes can cause wrong lens angle or glasses slipping from the nose.
2) Too tight or too loose frames can both cause uncomfortable wearing experience. Too tight frames can squeeze the temples; too loose ones can cause the glasses dropping down.
3) The frame width should match the distance between pupils. Please make sure that pupils are in the middle of lenses on the glasses frame. So how do you know your PD? Please refer to this article: How to Measure Your PD(Pupillary Distance)

3. Matching of frame color and skin color

Face Complexion And Frame Color

The frame color should match your skin color to enhance your appearance just as the way it does to your face. This is more important than your hair color and more decisive than your eye color.

If your bottom skin color contains yellow, aeneous or golden, frames in light gray, brown, golden or honey color, beige and olive green will suit well.

If your skin contains pink or blue bottom color, please select silver, black, dark grey, pink, purple, blue, fuchsia and grey frames.

4. Choose a suitable frame according to ages

The glasses frame should be light for children and the nose pads should be lower. Since the nasal bone of a child is still not mature and changes fast during the process of growth, glass frames should be equipped with hangers. Plastic frames are recommended for school children; metal glasses frames are not recommended since nose pads on them can easily cause skin allergies and put pressure on the nasal bone.

The young should choose their glasses frames based on pupil distances, faces and nose bridges. The frame should also match the skin color and hair color to highlight the temperament and demeanor of young men. Generally speaking, young women prefer slim, elegant titanium glasses and cat-eye glasses with bright colors; young men prefer mixed-material glasses with straightforward structures and dark colors.

The elderly should choose upon actual demand. Since the elderly often use glasses to read books or newspapers, full-frame glasses are more convenient no matter for long or short distance.

5. Matching of glasses and the hair style

Matching of glasses and the hair style
Bangs(also known as a fringe) ¨C upper border of the glasses should not contact with the front hair; curly hair ¨C the glasses frame should not be too large so as to avoid contacting with the hair.

6. Matching of glasses and clothes

You can also choose the frame style according to your temperament. In general, there are three types: harmonious ¨C matching by adopting the same tone; contrast ¨C choosing warm or cold tones to set off; decorative ¨C adopting striking frame colors to decorate your clothes.

7. Glasses suitable for various kinds of scenarios

It is important to choose a pair of glasses matching your personality and the specific scenario. Wearing small, delicate semi-rimless glasses on formal occasions makes you elegant and efficient; wearing popular browline glasses during leisure or gathering scenarios is both young and fashionable; of course, you can also choose polygon glasses according to your preference to enter some personal parties and gatherings.

After finding your favorite glasses frame according to 7 TIPs above, you need to learn how to read your prescription next. Then you can choose the suitable type of prescription glasses and lens coating, and only these two factors are the most important factors to improve your wearing comfort.

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