Happy April Fools Day Dinner

Happy April Fools Day!!!

Did you do anything fun for your family today?

   I decided to do some silly things for our Dinner. I made "Chicken Nuggets" and Sweet Potato Fries in Garlic for dinner and "Cake" for dessert!! Although dinner and dessert were pretty much backward haha.

   For the "chicken nuggets", I made them out of Ritz Krispies, which are just like Rice Krispies, but made with Ritz Crackers instead of Rice Cereal. I melted marshmallows and butter together, then added in crunched up Ritz Crackers, let cool, and shaped to look like nuggets. I then made easy sweet potato fries to seal the deal.

   For the "cake", I cooked hot dogs and red peppers inside of dyed red cornbread, then topped it with a chili "frosting", shredded Pepper-jack Cheese, and a design done with Kewpie Mayo. Once the cake was plated and the secret was found out, more chili was placed on top.

   This was such a fun dinner to prepare, and really ended April Fool's Day with some fun. I would love to hear what you and your families did, in the comments below!

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