Happy Easter! 2020

Happy Easter Friends!

Despite everything that is going on in the world, I hope you were able to enjoy today 💜 

We were blessed with getting "egged" for our Easter haha :) Got waaay too much candy, but we are so grateful for the sweet church that did this for the kids.

And then my son's Easter Basket...He had to hunt around the house to find it! Who knew he would think to look in the dryer ;) It took him like 30 seconds to find it haha

A relaxing weekend, that may not have looked like we expected it to... but it wasn't too bad at all! I hope your Easter day was spent in good terms! And now I will leave you with an Easter Poem, perfect for this 'renewal of life'

“Happy Easter..
May the renewal of life
At Easter bring new
Blessings of love, hope,
Peace, good health &
Happiness to you and
Your loved ones..
Embrace the renewal of life.” 

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