Quiche for a Crowd

Bigger than the average Quiche, this one will feed a crowd and look good doing so ;)

It fills a 4 quart 14x10x2 rectangle casserole pan and is so easy to make, this will become a family favorite! 

To make this quiche, you begin by first making the Crust.

You need the following ingredients for the CRUST:

Dash of Salt
2 2/3 cups of Flour
1/2 cup or more of butter
4TBS give or take of water 
Your choice of seasoning 
(I used Italian Seasoning, Garlic Powder, and Black Pepper)

   Mix dough together to be moldable to form into greased pan. Kind of like pizza dough texture, though it will be a little bit stickier, just make sure you get the dough pressed all across the pan and edges to form a nice crust on this quiche. Use a fork to poke lil holes across, and to crimp the edges for a nice look. Bake crust in the oven at 375 Degrees for about 20 minutes. During this time, get your egg filling ready. You can use any kind of filling add-ins but you will need the following for the FILLING:

12 Eggs
1-2 Cups of Cheese
Veggies and/or Meat  

   For ours, I used Cajun seasoning, as well as Black Pepper, Garlic Powder, and Onion Powder. For the cheese, I used Pepper Jack. I say 1-2 Cups, because it depends on how cheesy you want yours to be. I think I used maybe a cup and a half. For the veggies, I used Spinach and canned (drained) tomatoes. For the meat, I used pulled pork, but just about any meat would be fine for this. 

   Blend all ingredients together, and once the crust has completed its 20 minutes, pull that out of the oven and pour in your recently made egg mix filling. Make sure it is spread all across the crust, and place back in the oven for about 45 minutes. Be sure to check on it, as ovens vary so it could be more or less time. Once cooked through all the way, pull out of the oven and let cool. Then enjoy!!

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