A Little Morning Recover Tea by Vahdam Superfoods

 A little relax and Recover tea from Vahdam Superfoods, an item I received in my recent Therabox. This tea has all the good for you stuff in it; a blend of Active Turmeric, Green Tea extracts, Matcha, and Ashwagandha, was well as Ginger and Black Pepper. Each one of these ingredients works together to make something magical.

   Some of the benefits to drinking this tea are: Boosting Immunity, Reducing Stress, Aiding in Digestion and Metabolism, Enhancing Brain Function, Anti-Aging, Nourishing Skin, Easing Pain and Inflammation, and Encouraging Natural Energy. 

   I love the many benefits Recover tea brings. It's an aquired taste, due to the Tumeric and Pepper, but turning it into a latte makes this tea desirable. I enjoy adding Vanilla Creamer to my cuppa, making a delicious start to my morning!

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