I Only Wanted to Eat My Hotdog in Peace...

   So I was eating a hot dog for lunch, 
and I come across this article from Slate.com...

      Sausage made with actual poo... As a possible probiotic for human consumption?!? Now I know studies say probiotics are good for the human body, but taking actual infant feces and inserting it into sausage seems a little overkill. But there's a lot that goes into this process... According to ScienceDirect.com, three potential probiotic lactobacilli strains were isolated from infant feces and injected into low-acid fermented sausages. After being thoroughly monitored, only one of those strains were able to grow and make it through the "ripening process". This lead them to believe that sausage made a great carrier for the probiotic strain. 

   But you have to wonder how that would taste! My first instincts tell me, pretty awful, and make me wonder why this was even something that was studied. But according to scientists "All the final products recorded a satisfactory overall sensory quality without any noticeable off-flavour.." oof...

   Would you eat "Nutritionally enhanced fermented sausages" with a little added baby poo, for the healthy probiotics??? 
   That's a big no for me.

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