Bodycology's Dark Cherry Orchid Perfume With A Little Nostalgia

   Did you ever use the perfume, Love Spell, by Victoria Secret? That was one of the top perfumes me and my friends used, back in middle school/high school!! It's been years since I've had that perfume, I don't even know if they still make it??? The other day, I came across Bodycology's Dark Cherry Orchid, and when I smelled it, I was so surprised! It smells almost exactly like Love Spell! And for a fraction of the price! I couldn't believe it. So I bought me a bottle, for old times sake, and I've been enjoying the scent. Probably one of my new favorites! 

   I found it in my local Fred Meyer for $4.59 a bottle, but Amazon currently has it for purchase, but it cost a bit more.

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