Easy 4 Ingredient Cinnamon Toast Crunch Waffles

   Did you know you can make waffles from a box of cake mix? It's one of my favorite ways to make waffles! It's so easy and SO delicious! All you need are just the following four ingredients:

3 Eggs
1/3 Cup of Oil
1 1/3 Cups of Water
1 Box of Cake Mix  

  Preheat your waffle iron while mixing all of the ingredients together into a bowl. Mix batter until there are no clumps.
 Once your waffle iron is ready, spray the grills with cooking spray or swipe with butter. Drop the batter on, close lid, and cook them as you normally would. Once they are done, you can top them with your usual waffle toppings, or eat them on their own -- > (They taste like cake!) 

Eat any time of day and enjoy! 

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