DIY Orange Scented All Purpose Cleaner

   One of my favorite DIY Cleaners is a citrusy orange scented, all purpose solution that cleans everything while leaving a pleasant smell behind. It's so easy to make, you fill a jar with as many orange peels as you can fit, then fill the remaining space with white vinegar, making sure to cover all of the peels. Seal the jar with it's lid and store in the cupboard for up to two weeks, though I find it can be retrieved much sooner and still smell great. Strain out the liquid into a spray bottle, leaving behind orange peels, and you can either leave solution as is, or dilute with water. I have done both, typically just adding in water to fill the remaining spray bottle space, which is around a half to a fourth. The orange peels help cover the vinegar scent, so your kitchen countertops will smell citrusy fresh! 

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