Learning Photography? Here's How to Make Money

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Learning photography is a valuable skill with superior results to your phone. Even a beginner DSLR such as the Canon 4000D/Rebel offers stunning results. But you will also learn about how cameras work, light, and subject focus for great shots you can use on sites and even sell.
Shoot for a Niche You Can Sell
Anyone can go outside and take pictures of the clouds, insects, and flowers. There’s nothing wrong with this, and it’s actually an excellent way to learn about macro and landscape photography. But pretty much everyone already does this. As with most things today, it helps to have a niche to make money. For example, how about Angel Wings for fantasy photo shoots? Or maybe baby and family photos where you spend time at home to get truly natural images.
Register with Image Websites
One of the first things you should do is register with image sites such as Pexels, Shutterstock, and Pixabay. These sites can earn you some money. It won’t come quickly, and you must play the long game as they work on royalties. But they are also excellent for getting noticed. Remember, there isn’t a bad shot, just experience. When you take a photo that doesn’t turn out as you would like, consider what to do next time, such as aperture and focus adjustments.
Remember, Learning Photography Takes Time
Photography can be one of the most enjoyable hobbies because it is as fun as it is challenging. Nobody becomes the next Annie Leibowitz in a day, and you will need to spend a great deal of time with your camera. Just learning how to manually focus a DSLR under different conditions takes a lot of trial and error, even shooting your pets. It is estimated that it takes around 6 to 10 years, or 10,000 hours to master something. Imagine what you could accomplish in this time.
Set Up an Online Store for Sales
Like art, photography can be subjective, and even though one person doesn’t like a specific image, another might. And this means there is always a market for selling your images. Getting pictures onto sites like Pixabay is a good starting point, but there is no guarantee of money. However, a blog with your images for sale can bring in some cash. Builders like Wix and GoDaddy are very easy to use, and you can have a gallery up and running within a day or two.
Invest in Extra Equipment
It’s the photographer and not the camera that takes great shots. However, you will need some help getting the shots you want. First, lighting rigs are vital, even when outside, because you can’t control the sun. If you want to take images of nature up close, it is recommended that you use a remote shutter control to avoid camera shake. At the very least, invest in a good tripod. Be aware that a full-sized tripod is considered commercial and isn’t allowed in some places. 
Nailing down a niche is a great way to make money when learning photography. You will also need to put in the time and effort to master the camera. And buy some extra equipment too.

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