Tips For Stress Management As a Couple


There are times in a relationship when one person might be feeling stressed, anxious, and worried - if those signs aren’t picked up or the problem isn’t shared, it can eat away at a healthy relationship. For those who know that they keep their worries to themselves, it can be easy to let stress pile up - and eventually, that will spill over. It leads to arguments and health issues. 

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So, tackling stress and anxiety together is a must; here is how to do it. 


Healthy relationships have a good and high level of communication. Laying things out on the table means that they are open for discussion, and resolutions and support can be found. If you are the partner who is stressed but hiding it - honestly is the best policy, you can get the help and support you need unless you are sharing and your partner isn’t a mind reader. 

If you are the partner that has noticed your partner seems to be stressed or worried, speak up and tell them you sense there might be something troubling them. 

Talk it through - not matter how difficult it is, because stress changes a lot of things - including a relationship. 


Stress can make people grouchy and much more likely to say something mean, upsetting, or cruel. So one of the things that can be helpful is to make sure that the parent who feels that they are stressed or under pressure has alone time if they need it. 

Space comes in many forms, though. It could be a few hours of quiet, it might be a walk - together but quietly, or it may be a few days away. Figure out what space is for your dynamic and how best to achieve it. 

Calming activities 

Let’s be realistic - the world and life are more demanding than ever - so setting time aside to do something that is calming for you both can relieve a lot of stress. Discuss options, and see if there is a way to add something to your everyday life that allows you to make room for calm activities. 

Listening to music together, reading, talking, a walk, yoga, or a super relaxing pamper, including a cbd oil massage, a warm bath, and even a face mask. 

Sipping tea in a bathrobe while reading a book sounds pretty good! 

Tackle it

Sometimes, the best way through it is to tackle it. When you and your partner understand the source of the stress, you can discuss the most effective ways to reduce or stop it. 

It might include splitting up more house chores, talking through financial issues, or helping them find a new work role that doesn’t weigh so heavily. 

A couple is strongest when they are both actively sharing, communicating, supporting and looking for solutions to the issues that they have. Keep in mind that depending on how long the stress has been impacting your partner, you might need some time to reconnect with each other. 



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