The Existence Of Eyebrows As They Come And Go

    If you look around at the many different faces of people that populate the world, you will see styles and trends of beauty that come and go. One of those trends being Eyebrows. Have you noticed all the unique detail people put in to those brows? Some are bushy, some are thin, while others are dyed or completely shaven off and redrawn. There are several different styles to the eyebrow; it is one the the first things people will see when they look at your face, so which style is best?   

Anna May Wong
   I'm sure the design of eyebrows goes back to the beginning of time, but in modern society, Hollywood plays a huge part in trendy decisions.

   In the 1920's, they desired a sophisticated yet childlike appearance, giving thin, rounded eyebrows with a defined arch above the eye.

 This style continued into the 1930's, but they started to go a little thinner, with more emphasis on a penciled symmetrical arch, to lift the face and become more feminine. 

   In the 1940's, they longed for a softer appearance, allowing beauty to be a little bit more natural. They grew the eyebrows out, giving them a more defined shape with less focus on the arch, achieving a more relaxed image. 

   In the 1950's, it was a big jump from au natural, where they desired a more bold and feminine look. A higher arch was emphasized with with a more square shape, and the idea for having brows darker than the hair color lead people to start penciling them in. 

   In the 1960's, it was a mix and match of brows. Thick and straight for a softer feminine touch, or thin and drawn on to give the face a lift and bring a dramatic effect to the eyes. 

   In the 1970's, this is probably when the thinnest of brows became a trend. The focus was placed on brightening the eyes with thick eyeshadow, and have the brow reach the highest arch possible. This often lead to the hairs being almost completely invisible. But thin brows didn't last long, as women started to embrace their body hair, realizing that going natural, (and maybe not having to put so much work into beauty standards) was starting to look more interesting.    

   In the 1980's, the trend became a statement of pretty much, 'the bushier the better'! This is when it was popular to grow the eyebrows out as full as they could be, and brush them upward. But it didn't last long... 

   In the 1990's, thinning was in style again! Whether they plucked to misery, or shaved the brows completely off, thin was in, and it lasted well into the 2000's! 
  A decade or two later, eyebrows have become such a focal point for the face. Groomed is in. You can style the brows in many ways, by growing them out, manicuring them to perfection, filling them in, brushing them upward... The options are nearly endless, so that they can become a statement piece to your face. 

   Whether you like your brows bold, thin, au natural, or whatever's in between... You can choose the look you want to achieve, by finding the best style that compliments your beautiful face.


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