Worm in My Kitchen

   When I was little, I use to love worms. I would play with them and be so intrigued in how they moved and seeing the little veins from their transparency...They were cool creatures.....
back when I use to play in the mud and make mud pies.....

   Now? I despise worms. They are disgusting. Ever since I had a really awful dream about worms when I was about 8, I have had a huge fear of them. I will not go into details of that dream, but let's just say it was extremely bad for it to still haunt me all these years. 

   This morning, I had to face my fears. After telling me husband good bye as he left for work, 
I closed the front door to find a slithering, ooey gooey, long and slimy...WORM! It must have slithered underneath our door while I was telling my hubby good bye..or even worse...
possibly through the night...when we were lying in bed! I'm just thankful I didn't find it 
*in my bed*!!! But this worm, it was in the corner, squirming around, trying to find an exit, 
I suppose. My husband had already left, so I had to deal with it. 

   Paper towels to the rescue! But even a paper towel couldn't cut my fear. I offered my 3 year old son to take care of it!! haha...he said no. *I may have raised him to hate worms -oops!*  I folded the paper towel and got closer to this nasty creature...and attempted to pick it up. Gut reaction's were setting in, and I freaked out and dropped it. Something about these little guys, 
worry me that it will go crazy and wriggle up my arm. Same with snakes. 
And rat tails. And really, anything similar. 

   After the 1st try, I decided that if I wanted this thing out of my kitchen I would have to woman up and get it done. Will power I tell ya. So I got that little critter out...as fast as I could...
and threw it out the door, into the grass....well more like the sidewalk...
but at least it's out of my house :) 
A rare time when I could actually stomach taking a photo of a worm. I admit, the veins are still kind of intriguing.

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