Limited Edition Lucerne Yogurts

   I love the Holiday's because they always come out with new "limited edition" flavors of different foods. I tried out Lucerne's new holiday yogurts: Pumpkin Pie, Gingerbread, and Apple Pie. Sounds pretty yummy right? Think again. Well for me anyways. The pumpkin pie flavor was a bit too seasoned 
and too much like pureed pumpkins...I suppose that is what it basically is haha..and gingerbread was decent I suppose but nothing I could sit and eat a lot of. I took a few bites 
and decided I would make me a gingerbread milkshake! I poured it in the blender with some ice, milk, 
and a few spoons of ice cream-gingerbread cookie ice cream at that-but vanilla would have worked fine too. Maybe even better so it would be less sweet. And lastly, the apple pie flavor. The first two bites were alright..but just feeling the apple chunks in my mouth...the texture was not what I expected so I just had to toss it. It's always fun trying out new things, especially when they are not very heard of. But I will never buy these yogurts again...nor recommend them. Unless you just like these kinds of things...Then feel free to stock up! Haha. I think I will just stick to my normal vanilla and strawberry flavored yogurts though. Until they come out with even more new flavors!

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