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   SheSpeaks.com invited me to preview the exclusive episode of "Your OWN Show" Which is where Oprah is searching for the next big TV Star.


   I didn't find it to be very interesting. Although I am curious who will be voted off, I just don't see myself continuing with the show. I think Oprah opening up the opportunity for some one else to experience their "talk show host" dream is amazing for her to do, but I hope they all choose wisely in who will take that place.    The way the group "Team Vision" worked together was awful. Elizabeth tried to pretty much overtake the whole group, trying to settle for her ideas and thoughts about it and I think that is why their team failed. "Team Focus" on the other hand, they were definitely better and more put together. Each person's were included and they most definitely seemed more professional. Ryan, however, did seem a little bit nervous when he was interviewing Dr. Phil, but I could imagine so, as Dr. Phil is pretty intimidating. I think it's wonderful that they are giving, Zach, the man with cerebral palsy, a chance to own his own show. Too many people are quick to judge when it comes to publicity. I feel like Alicia would be a great talk show host because she has good social skills and her energy reels you in. But only time will tell to see who makes it as the next big star so I wish them luck!   

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