A Conversation with God - Book Review

  The book, "A Conversation With God: For Women" written by Marcia Ford, answers many questions you wish you could ask God, and gives you a better understanding on how God would respond to those questions! I picked up a lot more information from this book, then I ever had and I found it so helpful that she lists the Bible verses, in the Notes, at the back of the book. I browsed through the titles before I started reading, which made me look forward to getting to the ones I was most interested in. I believe each chapter was meant for somebody and I hope everyone can get a better understanding and sense of peace from this book. 
   The main chapter that stood out most to me was chapter 40, on trusting someone who has betrayed you. When you've been hurt by people, trust becomes a hard issue for you to work out, but God's message was "When you let go of painful situations and place them in My hands, I take them and mold them into an entirely new opportunity for you to mature in your faith and trust Me in a deeper way, based on what you experienced with Me and learned from Me in this process. And then you can take that-for example, the comfort I gave you during the healing process-And use it to minister to others in pain. Don't let the experience go to waste; use it to show others where to find the healing they need." (quote from Marcia Ford on page 193-194, chapter 40) So I can take what I have learned from my past, and from how God has began to heal me, and use that to help others understand that God can heal them too! I recommend you check this book out, you just might love it :)

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