Lazarus Awakening - Book Review

To be honest, I'm at loss for words on this book. It was very hard for me to get into, in the beginning, but about half way through, I started to hear what what the words were saying. Joanna Weaver, the author of Lazarus Awakening, has put the story of Lazarus into a different perspective, pulling verse after verse from the Bible, making it all more understandable. She covered a lot of points and good information that I think is good for any person to read! One of the main things that stood out to me the most was her writing on God wanting a relationship with us. That He longs for our attention. Our friendship. A quote from Lazarus Awakening: "Christ still longs for a genuine friend. A real, true-blue, when-the-chips-are-down kind of friend. A friend who cares about what He cares about. A friend who looks to bring joy and comfort to His heart, with no strings attached. No hidden agendas. No secret wish lists." I want a friend like that! I have a hard time making true friends and It's almost as if, through this book, God was telling me to be His friend. An amazing epiphany. Joanna Weaver covers a lot of helpful areas in this book and I would recommend it to anyone looking to learn more or get closer to God. I will end this review with another wonderful quote from her book:

"Value people highly. People are true treasures of life, worth nurturing and investing in, for they are the only thing on this earth we can possibly take with us when we leave."

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