Cute Finds On Our trip To Hirons

The Hirons store is so close to us, so we go there on occasion to find cute things :) 
My son enjoys going because I usually let him pick out so fun things!! 
They always have good deals and this time we found...

These creepy ants..we got them to use as a trick on daddy for April fool's day but different plans occurred so we never got to! :( BUT we are going to surprise him with these sooner or later and at least this way he won't be expecting it so it will be even better!! :P

Next we found a cute little mailbox, on sale for only 99 cents and lil man wanted I figured why not...Any ideas what we could do with it?? lol. Then my son found some more tiny spiders to put inside and also a scorpion stamper.
And I found this magnet...I had to get it!! It just is so adorable and funny :) And I realized..I LOVE magnets...I may have started a collection... :P

And That was our trip to Hirons. Fun indeed.

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