L'Oreal One Sweep Eye Shadow and Mascara


   As a teenager, I use to wear a lot more makeup...eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, foundation, blush...all of it. When I got a little older and had my son, I started to not wear it so much. My husband has always been the kind of guy to prefer more "natural" looks and he hates makeup lol. So for him, I decided I would downgrade on my makeup..since, you know, he is the one I want to be impressing!! :P I usually just wear eye liner with a touch up wipe of Vaseline to my eye lashes to keep them up. (a great substitute for mascara!) They are some what long as it is, so it works out for me.

   I recently received L'Oreal's One Sweep Eye Shadow and Mascara from bzzagent to test and review. I loved it! It's been quite awhile since I've worn mascara and had forgotten how long my eyelashes get with it on. The eye shadow was very pretty and not too dark for my skin tone. I expected it to show up darker so it was a surprise to me, but a good one. The eye illuminator felt kind of pointless to me. It didn't really change the appearance of my eyelashes much, it more just put sparkles across them. Putting on this makeup made me feel beautiful and that's something I don't feel very often :( So it was a good product for me :) Since I don't wear mascara and eye shadow too often, I was going to give it away to a friend, but after I put it on, I decided I want to keep it for myself, for special occasions :) Also, it washes off nicely with no caked on after effects like others I have tried.

Thanks to Bzzagent for allowing me to try out these products! 
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