Saturday, May 28, 2011

Here, Home, Hope - Book Review

I received the book "Here, Home, Hope" by Kaira Rouda
from One2One network in exchange for my review.

I read this book in a total of three days, it was such a good read!
Each time I read it, I didn't want to put it down!
The story is about a woman named Kelly who was pretty much beginning her mid life crisis. She was the mother of two teen boys who were off to camp, while she was meandering at home, trying to find a new way to improve her life. She had been a stay at home mom with no career, for the last 15 years and, though her boys were still living with her, she was finding that they weren't needing her as much as they did when they were little, making her feel not so worthy in life anymore. Her two best friends were high end business women that seemed to have their lives all together. So Kelly decided to take life into her own hands and make a change in herself. She began doing T2C ('things to change') sticky notes and hung them in places she looked at the most. She was beginning a whole new life change, in everything around her, including an anorexic teen, a reunion with an old high school friend, friendships and divorces, and so much more, she branched into quite a new life for herself, filled with encouragement and liveliness. Her doing this inspired me to begin doing my own T2C notes. I have areas in my life I would like to change and having a constant reminder on my wall, should help! I can feel relation to Kelly in this book, being that I am a stay at home mom, of a (almost) 4 year old, but beginning to see he doesn't need me like he use to, when he was a baby! lol. And there are areas in my life that seem similar to Kelly's..I just loved this book so much and found it a true inspiration to my life. I recommend this book for sure. It has been the most inspirational fiction I have ever read.

Reading all of the other author's comments on Kaira Rouda's book, I'm in agreement with each one I've read, And as Amy Hatvany, the author of Best Kept Secrets, wrote: “A warm, witty, and engaging debut that had me laughing out loud. Rouda has created a lovable and perceptive heroine who navigates her struggles with honesty and awe-inspiring determination to succeed. A fun and totally satisfying read.”
Totally agree. This book left me wanting more!!

You can check out Kaira Rouda's website HERE, see her FACEBOOK, and TWITTER.

You can even watch a book trailer for her book!

I recommend you to check out her book. You will love it! :)

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