The Waiting Place - Book Review

   The Waiting Place written by Eileen Button is a book filled with the "waiting" situations that the author dealt with. Things like waiting in traffic lights, grocery stores, children growing up...ect. Eileen Button put waiting places in perspective, as not always having to be a negative time, but a time to find something beautiful from waiting, or to remember to seek God in times of need. She points out that, we are in our own waiting places, so often, that we let them stir up frustration and impatience in us, that we do not even allow ourselves to see positive things come from them. We live in a world where everything is rush rush rush, and we don’t want to slow down and enjoy the simple things. We at times get so wrapped up in multitasking our lives, when waiting places hit, we end up forgetting to realize the beauty of God working in our situations. Button writes “We wait to grow up, for true love, and for our children to be born. We even wait to die.” That is so true! There is so much waiting in our lives, that sometimes we fail to see what is right in front of us because we are always waiting for the next thing to come. 
    I Loved this book so much, I tried to stall in reading just so that I wouldn’t finish it lol. I could feel a lot of relation to some of these waiting places and it helped me see life a little differently. I want to embrace my waiting periods and see the beauty of even negative happenings; to pay attention to God working in my life, even when I can’t see it happening.

I received this book through Booksneeze in exchange for my review.

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