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I have come to realize that loving art is taking a toll on my organization skills lol. I love to sew and have become a beginner sewer...I took a sewing class in high school and learned the jist of it there, then stopped until recently last year. My mom found me an old..and I mean 80's old...sewing machine that she got for free.. because they thought it was broken. Well after looking it and my mom fixed it! It was amazing lol. Sew I've sewn random objects here and there and found myself holding on to way too many fabric scraps for "just in case" I find something to make out of them lol. Well living in a small apartment, It became a messy hobby that drove my perfectionist brain insane! So I have decided to retire my sewing days until we have a big enough home with a possible craft/sewing section or even room, would be nice! I gave my sewing machine back to my mom and someday I will buy a newer model :) This way I don't have sewing items taking over my small home and if something pulls at me to be sewn...I can just borrow the machine from my mom :)
Now I need to figure out what to do with the crafting stuff. Having a small child, where we do lots of crafts together, I can't give up the crafting :) So I must do with what I can in organizing. This is a small area in my closet that holds mini shoebox tubs of items like ribbons, pens, some fabric I haven't given up, ect.

This part is tolerable I suppose...but I also have a cardboard box full of art supplies and also a plastic drawer full lol. How do you organize your supplies? Got any good tips for me??

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