Baking Soda & Vinegar Works Wonders

So We have a Wok and it got extremely ruined the 1st time we used it. It turned a rusty color inside it and had an odd smell from it. Well..since we had just bought it, we didn't want to just toss it. So I tried the old Baking Soda remedy. I rinsed the wok, then sprinkled baking soda in it and poured vinegar over that, to let it sit overnight. I did this twice. 

It worked amazingly well and took most of the tarnish off. I wish I had taken the BEFORE picture because it was really awful. But This pic here is how it looked the 1st time around in soaking:

And here's how it looked the 2nd time around. So much better! :

Baking Soda really works wonders and has so many uses around the house!!


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