The Superman Project DIY

   I love redecorating and when money is tight...and art is can't always get the items you want to buy! Well my son, 4 years old now, is really into Superheroes so I wanted to give him some sort of hero art for his bedroom. So I made Superman Wall art for him! Then I found a cute chalkboard sign for only 99 cents at Michael's! 

Can you guess what I made Superman art from??

Well it was made from a Culinary Circle Frozen Pizza, Pizza Box!! Talk about frugal art :)
I began by taping shut the opened edge, then painting the box in a dark blue color, 2 coats. After that dried I painted over it with a lighter blue coat, twice, and it came to this pretty blue color. I printed out my superman from this retro poster but I brightened everything to where there was just a faint line of Superman for me to go off of. I painted it using fabric paint-since that's pretty much all I had on hand and it was so much easier just squeezing paint from the tube rather than using a paintbrush. And I just traced the lines & filled in my colors. Once it was all dry I glued on googly eyes and drew him a face. I attached it to the box in the center and used a product-which I can't remember the name at the moment of what it is-will update when I can get to it-but it's made to harden items like fake flowers. And I used a paintbrush to apply all of the goo. Let it sit to dry and it gave the painted box a nice shiny, hardened texture! After it was all dry, I hot glued a piece of felt loop and then duck taped it for extra stability and used the to hold up the art piece-with a tack!
Simple, easy and fun decoration :)

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