A Full Tomato Dinner

My grandpa gave me a lot of tomatoes and I had no idea what to do with the ones I wasn't eating...
so I decided to make tomato bread sticks!

I started out with 8 tomatoes. I sliced an "X" in each tomato for better peeling once boiled.

Boiled them til the skins start looking peelable. 
Once skins look peelable, dump all into drainer, rinse with cold water (or put in bowl of ice water)

Once cooled off, peel skins off and place into blender. 
Add in some garlic salt and black pepper and mix

 Pour a small amount into breadstick batter-in place of called for liquid. 
And save the rest in a freezer bag!

Breads stick dough ball ready to be rolled and made into bread sticks!

Bread sticks done and sided with homemade pizza and tomato slices.

And this was my great idea to hold the freezer bag upright in the freezer so the tomato sauce could freeze all in a straight area so folding made it easier for storing it in freezer! Using my bag clip I got from Fresh Express Salad, to hold my bag in place on the freezer door!

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