Finding New Products: Nusco + Apple Milk Tea

   Something you will learn about me, is I love trying new foods!! So when I come across something that seems interesting to try, most times I will get it. So upon my recent shop at the Asian Food Market, I found a similar version of the product, Nutella, but called Nusco. Nusco is made in and shipped from Holland. and has two flavors, Hazelnut Duo and Hazelnut chocolate.  I picked up the container of Hazelnut Duo to try, which is hazelnut chocolate mixed with vanilla swirls. This stuff is delicious and tastes great on bread!

Another product I got is Apple Milk Tea. This drink is made in and shipped from Japan. A milk tea with apple flavoring and it is so yummy! My new favorite drink!!

Do you think you would like either of these products?

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