Homemade Robot Plushy

A post I have not written yet, but will soon, is how my birthday (on Oct6) went! But couldn't wait to post this one; a birthday present my hubby had gotten me was a mini sewing machine! And my mom had given me some uneeded clothing for fabric and I decided to make my son a cute robot plushy/hero. I took an old fleece like cotton button shirt and thought up a pattern in my head as I went, to shape the robots head as a cube and the rest of the body sort of like a doll. I hand sewn on the head, legs and arms and with the legs and arms, I sewed them on with buttons. The arms are moveable for added fun and the robot has a red cape on with an "i" for incredible. I'm still a beginner sewer but I'm happy with how it turned out-for the most part- lol. Atleast it gave me more practice! :)

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