Post On My Birthday

My Birthday was on October 6. I turned 24! My husband had school/work until until then, it was just me and my little boy (age4). My son made me 3 cute cards. And said "I made so many hearts because I wanted you to know how much I Love you" Isn't he just so sweet???

Aside from my sons cuteness, the day started out really boring, and something upsetting happened that tried to ruin my day. But thankfully once my husband came home (which he got home a whole half hour early :)) Things began to get better. As soon as he walked in the door, he told our son to get his shoes on because they had to do "the thing" they talked about earlier lol. So they left me at home so they could do that thing. I ended up taking a nap..well..trying to lol. I had a really bad headache but had a hard time falling asleep. Once I actually started falling asleep though, they came home! haha. They brought in two gift bags for me :) One bag had a mini sewing machine in it and the other had a donut maker, with frosting, chocolate Reeses drizzle, and M&Ms!

Such great gifts. I needed a new sewing machine because the one I did have, I gave it to my mom because it was so big & bulky, taking up too much space in our small apartment. So a mini one is just perfect for right now.

My husband and son ended up making donuts and then we all sat at the table and frosted them. It was such a fun family moment. We placed them on a cake tier and placed a candle in the middle and they sung happy birthday to me. It was so sweet.

We then drove to Olive Garden to have my birthday dinner. It was the first time I had ever gone there and it is the BEST restaurant I have ever been to! I ordered the Grilled chicken flat bread and we got complimentary bread sticks and salad. The salad was the best I've ever had too! So yummy. And I love how they shred cheese atop anything you wanted. It was so good. After wards, we went to Baskin Robbins for dessert because I had a Happy Birthday free treat. Which I had gotten a scoop of Newyork cheesecake ice cream. Alittle too cheesy tasting for my taste buds though.

It was such a great night. This was the best birthday I've had And I look forward to many more.

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