Open Nature Ice Cream Review

I received a *free* coupon from Safeway to review their new Open Nature Ice Cream.

Open Nature is a 100% natural ice cream. Made with no artificial flavors or coloring. And it is made with milk from rBst free cows. They have a few different flavors, like: Vanilla Bean, Cherry Vanilla, Milk Chocolate, Mint Chip and Strawberry. I wanted to pick something my family would also enjoy-since my hubby is slightly picky when it comes to ice cream lol, so I chose Strawberry. I figured strawberry would go well with making milkshakes and I was indeed right. When I first tried the ice cream, my initial reaction was how savory it was, that you could taste a difference in quality, it just felt creamier. But the more I ate into it, I felt it was way too sweet for my taste buds. Now I LOVE sweets, and have a powerful sweet tooth, but this, I just couldn't handle much at once. I do however think it will be marvelous in a milkshake!! And I love that it has fresh strawberries mixed into it all. A smooth ice cream to be enjoyed in small portions, and I'm looking forward to trying their other flavors!!

                                     (my ice cream)

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