I Made A Skirt!

I'm so excited about this...

Kind of a funny story, coming from a girl who doesn't usually like wearing dresses and skirts...I was wanting a jean skirt to wear and had the idea of turning an old pair of jeans, into a skirt for myself! The night before Thanksgiving, I got to it.

I cut the legs off of the jean pants, to my designated skirt length, and cut the inner thigh seams up to the crotch. I then laid out Heat N Bond hem tape

and cut the size needed, then laid it inside the material, to hold my clothing together, and ironed it. I did this in every spot needed, to have my skirt shaped and put together. I then sewed, by hand, certain spots that could possibly come undone.

Wish I took a photo of the back of the skirt! It has a slit in it, hence the inner leg seams made it that way, but it turned out just right and not too high up!

It was a really easy, simple change to an old pair of pants!

I love how it came out, now I just have to have the courage to wear it in public :)

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