Redbox from Smiley360-Video Game Review

I signed up with Smiley360's Redbox mission and got a code for a free rental.

What was suppose to be free...cost us 80cents...Which is still good for a one night rental but was a little sad it wasn't free as said. I emailed Smiley360 and let them know... hope no one else had this problem!

Using Redbox is easy to rent movies or games for 24hrs. All you do is use your credit card and type your email in at the end. Redbox has locations all throughout, making it convenient to return at any location.
For our Redbox rental, we rented Sonic Generations on Xbox360.

Playing this...It took me back to my childhood! My brother owned a Sega Genesis and we would take turns playing Sonic-back in the day :) So it was exciting getting to play the new, modern day Sonic. But we found that it runs sooo much faster then the one in the 90's! It was almost too fast. Sonic would run and sometimes not stop fast enough, he would fly off the balcony or run into a bad guy. So that's a bit to get use to. My husband liked the fact that you could change the language so he could have them speaking Japanese-which is the language he is learning. He says the stages are beautiful and the music is awesome-wishes there were more stages from the classic games. 
This game made a nice family night-our little man (age4) really enjoyed watching it as well. 
An over all good game, one we will be buying :) 

ALSO, Redbox is hosting 12 Days of Deals and Prizes and offering daily prizes from December 13 thru December 24. Text FUN to 727272 for instant savings of 25 cents - $1 off of your movie and game rentals, as well as a chance to be entered to win a daily prize from Redbox.

You too can get free products to review, by signing up, free, with Smiley360

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