366 Days. Day 13-16.

So I'm a few days behind in my 366 Days because me and my hubby had the weekend to ourselves! We had grandma watch our lil man and we had our own time together. It was so nice! :)

So here's the pics for the last few days...

Day 13:

The scenery where me and my hubby went over the weekend. It was overcast all day but still so pretty.

Day 14:

We found all these old toys my brother had as a kid, and I had the green $ Guy & just had to get it! Such a nostalgia feeling, and my son can even play with them!

Day 15:

My husband put all of our change into the money wraps. Took him 7 hours because we had over $50 worth in change! (photo does not show all!)

Day 16:

It snowed!! Kind of a poor shot, taken through the window...but it's still all white n pretty :)

351 Days.

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