366 Days. Days 20-24.

To be honest, with real life, it's so hard to keep updating a photo each day. So I will have them sprouting here and there, sometimes singles and more so in clumps. So enjoy it as it comes, because real life is definitely more important then getting these photos up that..really..probably no one even looks at.. =)

Day 20:
My new green blanket that I got at Target for only $2.98...snuggled up with it on the couch, Friday night. Feels like a teddy bear.

Day 21:
We went shopping a couple towns over and I saw these cute squishies in the quarter machine. Got me a teddy :)I know, I'm such a kid.

Day 22:
Reading on my Collection of Magazines that overfilled my mailbox.

Day 23:
I went to my moms and had some of her homemade apple spice cake with a Mocha. Yum!

Day 24:

Today is such a gloomy rainy day so me and my lil man are going to be watching Netflix and staying warm inside :)

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