Gas Relief Pills Review With Update!

So this will be an interesting post............

I am trying out Extra Strength Gas Relief pills!

These pills are said to relieve:

SO I thought, what a great night to try these pills out! 
When I am having everything possible, really, tear up my belly! LOL. I am lactose intolerant to an extent so you can imagine what I will be facing. 7 Different things that are bound to get my belly rolling. 

Here's what I had for dinner:
Leftover Mexican food which contained: refried beans, rice, tortilla chips, guacamole, lettuce, salsa, cheese, and 2 day expired sour cream! (I know, bad choice on the sour cream but I love sour cream with Mexican food!) And for my drink, I made a milkshake which contained: Milk, Chocolate Cherry Ice Cream, Banana, Peanut Butter, and small amount of chocolate syrup. My belly is stuffed. So after I consumed all of this, I took TWO Gas Relief pills. So far so good I guess. Belly is still stuffed, which is asked for, but we'll see what happens the rest of the night!!

These pills are available for purchase at Walmart for only 88cents, for a pack of 15 softgels! 
So if they work, it could be a great product for you as well!

UPDATE: I'm writing this the next morning, and I'm really not sure if these pills helped any. My stomach felt bloated and uncomfortable the whole night and I woke up EXTREMELY gassy lol and a bad stomach ache. :( I don't know, maybe I ate too many fart foods at one time, and the pills just couldn't take it??..or these are just "placebo pills" to make you think they work but don't!

Either way, hopefully this post brought you a good laugh :)

Have you ever tried any form of Gas Pills? Did you find them to work?

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