Nostalgic Toy Find

We were shopping at Goodwill and I came across a toy I use to have as a little girl!! It is a boy toy, was actually my brothers as a kid, but I stole it to play with my barbies with :) This toy was a man, who I believe was a wrestler. He wore a green suit with $$$ Signs all over it. I would pretend he was a salesman trying to steal all my barbies money hehe. Well I found that guy at Goodwill and got that excited nostalgic feeling..but didn't buy it. After I went home, I kept thinking about that toy and wished I bought it! LOL. I told my husband about it and he said I should have gotten it, he knew exactly what I meant by the nostalgic feeling and wanting he said we would check the store out the next day and hope it would be there. Well the next day, other plans came up so we didn't get to...but another day later, we went back and I couldn't find it. I was kinda bummed but I was fine lol..then my son says "mama, is this it???" And he holds up a plastic wrapped box with stuff in it, and there he was. The man in the green $$$ suit. Along with several other old toys my brother had as a kid! The box included 5 different action figure guys from the early 90's, a whole pack of 150 glow in the dark stars, and underneath that, Lincoln logs!! All this for only $2.99 quite a deal! So I was happy, my husband was happy for me, and my son was happy he got new toys :) 
Great find and so glad I did.

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